Discover the brand New Dior Toujours Bag

Discover the brand New Dior Toujours Bag

Maria Grazia Chiuri is one of the most imaginative designers of our time, and her work at Dior has been full of beautiful creations. She continues to blend classic Dior elements with a modern, feminine touch. Each collection she designs immerses fashion and Dior fans in her creative and imaginative world.

Discover the brand New Dior Toujours Bag

For Spring/Summer 2023, her designs perfectly balance heritage and creativity, celebrating Dior’s masterful craftsmanship. This skill, along with Dior’s iconic expertise, is evident in the latest bag from Dior and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

First introduced at the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show, the Dior Toujours Bag is now available. With its simple yet elegant design and practical features, the Dior Toujours is sure to delight fans who love the distinctive Dior allure.

The details on Dior’s latest

The Dior Toujours Bag is defined by its relaxed shape and soft construction, featuring classic Cannage leather in a maxi version for a modern touch. The design is finished with the iconic D-I-O-R gold charms. The silhouette is timeless with its classic Dior motifs while also being contemporary.

The bag has an open interior that is spacious in all sizes (small, medium, and large) and a leather strap closure. The CD hardware on the sides allows the bag to change shape by tucking in the sides, adding a modern twist. The leather handles can be adjusted with small notches, making the medium and large sizes suitable for both hand-carrying and wearing over the shoulder.

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