All about those famous Louis Vuitton patterns!

All about those famous Louis Vuitton patterns!

Ever spotted a bag with that instantly recognizable design – the brown background with interlocking “LV”s and flowers? That’s a Louis Vuitton! Their bags are famous for their patterns, but what are they actually called?

The two big names:

Louis Vuitton has two main types of patterns: the Monogram canvas and the Damier canvas.

  • Monogram canvas: This is the one you probably pictured first. It’s the classic brown background with the “LV” initials and flowers. It’s super stylish and never goes out of fashion.
  • Damier canvas: This pattern uses a checkered design with Louis Vuitton’s logo subtly incorporated. It comes in two colors: Damier Ebene (brown) and Damier Azur (blue).

Beyond canvas:

While canvas is their thing, Louis Vuitton also uses other materials with unique styles:

  • Vernis leather: This is a shiny, patent leather that sometimes comes with the Monogram design in various colors.
  • Epi leather: This leather has a beautiful, textured grain and comes in many colors.
  • Empreinte leather: This embossed leather features a monogram-like pattern that’s pressed into the material.

Special editions:

Louis Vuitton also creates special edition collections with unique patterns in collaboration with artists or for specific occasions. These can be really collectible!

So, next time you see a Louis Vuitton bag, you’ll know exactly what the pattern is called!

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