Louis Vuitton brings out the old-style Sac Sport Bag

Louis Vuitton brings out the old-style Sac Sport Bag

These days, brands often look back at their old stuff for ideas. This trend of bringing back old things is getting more popular. Sometimes they update the old stuff a bit to make it more modern. Other times, they just bring it back as it was.

Nicolas Ghesquière is one of many creative bosses who keeps using old stuff from a brand’s past. The latest bag from Louis Vuitton isn’t exactly the same as before. It’s meant to look old-fashioned but still new.

Meet the Louis Vuitton Sac Sport. It’s inspired by old stuff from the brand but with a modern twist. It has curved lines that give it an old-timey vibe. Plus, it has some fancy details like a classic LV padlock and key.

Louis Vuitton is making more leather stuff, and they’ve made the Sac Sport in soft Monogram Empreinte embossed leather. The mix of the old-school shape with the fancy leather makes it easy to wear from day to night.

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